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Listen Live Information

Generally speaking whether you use a Mac or Windows, listening to Dance Super Digi with our flash based pop-up player (using the big link on the right) shouldn’t be a problem. If however you do run into a drama, try the following:

1) Ensure you have the latest Adobe Flash player, you can get it here.

2) Ensure you’re running the latest version of your preferred browser.

3) Some workplaces block media streaming, if you cannot listen at work, check with your IT department. If streaming media is blocked, try using either Winamp or VLC and attempt to connect using our Firewall link above.

4) If all else fails send us an email via our contact page giving us as much information about your system as possible (O/S, browser, player etc). We cannot guarantee to fix the problem but if we can lend assistance we will.

Listen on mobile devices

We suggest you download the ‘Tune In’ App for your device, once installed simply search for us ‘Dance Super Digi’ and away you go! If you’d prefer to listen directly on your mobile, select the link that suits your device.

If you have an iPhone / iPad / iPod try this link:

If you have an Android device try this link:

If you have a Blackberry device try this link:

If you have a Symbian OS device try this link: